Life is full of surprises and often we do not appreciate what we have until it has gone.  Unfortunately, not everything can be replaced, however, what we can do is minimize the impact of any losses.  This can be achieved through careful planning allowing you to protect the things that matter.

There are numerous types of protection policies available, all with different features and benefits.  Kingfurness & Associates Ltd will advise you in identifying the most suitable policy for your individual circumstances whether it is protecting your finances from the catastrophic effects of death, disability or illness.

It is clear that even where individual resources may be moderate, the level of State provision will be limited and therefore, we will analyse the requirements for an individual or their dependants to maintain an existing lifestyle.

Kingfurness  will assist you in implementing any policy with Critical Illness Cover, Life Cover, Private Health Insurance, Income Protection, Family Health Cover and many more.

Once the most appropriate policy or policies have been identified for your circumstances it is then important that it is established on the right basis.  For example should it be: -

  • Single life or Joint life
  • First death or Second death
  • Level or Indexed
  • Guaranteed or Reviewable premiums
  • Waiver of premium

It is also imperative to identify whether or not a policy should be held in trust as it is pointless in covering a risk and providing a benefit for it to then be attacked by HMRC.  We will discuss and analyse your requirements and provide the right solution for you!