Employee Benefits

An organisations success will always be dependant on the ability and the quality of its staff.  The process of recruiting high quality staff can be expensive in terms of time and money.  It is, therefore, vital once the right candidate has been found the employer is able to retain their services.

In a competitive marketplace a high quality employee will require a competitive package and Kingfurness have a vast amount of experience in assisting an employer with this process.  The range of employee benefits can be very wide but briefly the main benefits are: -

Pension Provision

Retirement benefits are usually the first type of employee benefit that an employer will offer.  There is a wide range of pension arrangements available and Kingfurness will use its expertise to guide you to the most suitable option.  Historically, pensions have been very complicated and with the ever-changing pension legislation it is imperative the most appropriate option is chosen.

Kingfurness will also liaise with the Human Resources department in the event of any Pension legislation changes and provide any suitable material/support whenever appropriate.

Healthcare & Wellbeing

An employee's health can have a significant impact on the success and productivity of a business; therefore, healthcare and wellbeing benefits are an increasingly important part of an employee benefit package.  The two most common packages an employer may offer are: -

  • Private Medical Insurance (PMI) – This is designed to pay the costs of private medical treatment for what are commonly known as 'acute conditions'.  There is usually an excess where the insured must pay the first £X amount of any treatment.  It is not designed to provide medical treatment in life threatening emergencies or for the relief of chronic conditions, which are covered by the NHS.

  • Dental Insurance – This policy reimburses the cost or partial cost of dental treatment.  Following the privatisation of NHS dentists, this is an increasingly popular employee benefit, as it is becoming difficult to join an NHS practice.  Normally the policy would cover dental examinations, preventative care and treatments, it may also provide insurance for serious conditions like mouth cancer that pay a fixed cash lump sum on diagnosis.

Kingfurness will analyse the cost and benefit of any such benefits and identify their suitability within your organisation.