Financial Planning

Every individual will ultimately have their own financial goals and objectives. To achieve your goals it is important a clearly defined strategy is implemented that takes into account your current position and looks to the future.  Kingfurness will identify and analyse your current position and will then collectively recommend the most suitable financial plan for you.

A suitable financial plan will be different for every individual as we all have different levels of risk which will ultimately determine our goals.  Kingfurness will discuss and assist you in establishing your risk criteria.  Once your risk criteria has been identified and taking into account your current position, the next stage is to establish how your financial objectives might be achieved.  Kingfurness will fully review and evaluate your existing arrangements and will then formally propose your individual financial plan.

Once a financial plan has been implemented it is important this is reviewed on a regular basis, as life is full of surprises.  Kingfurness specialise in developing a professional relationship with clients that enables us to adapt your financial plan to encompass the changes in life we all experience. 





The value of investments (including property) and the income derived from them may go down as well as up.